Identity Design and Assorted Collateral

Founded by Henrietta Lawrence, Leim is an independent fashion label that specialises in the production of jumpsuits 'you can pee in'. All the products are produced in line with the brands ethos of supporting sustainable fashion; using sustainable resources, manufacturing in the UK and paying a living wage throughout the supply chain.

the process

We approach all brand identity development from an audience-focussed perspective. The starting point for all new projects is a thorough analysis of the brand and its offer. From here we move forward, developing a set of creative moodboards which help steer the direction of the identity design as well as the development of any required assets.

the result

Once a creative concept has been agreed, we put together all the files needed to grow the brand. This usually includes various logo file formats, a mini brand-guidelines document detailing logo usage, typography and colour palette, as well as business card and letterhead designs.

I've been working with Aggie for years, firstly when I was employed at another business (she saved my arse more than once!) and I got back in touch with her now that I'm a business owner myself. She is an absolute dream to work with. In my business there's a grand total of one person, so I work alone a lot - I find that Aggie gets what I want pretty much straight away and is happy to discuss and give feedback on whatever I ask her. I always leave meetings with her feeling refreshed and excited about the coming projects.

Henrietta Lawrence, Leim